Marketplaces commoditize everything, reducing your value so they can make more money. Econic increases your value, so you make more money. 

Why We’re Different  

Marketplace Wins.

Buyers and sellers lose when disconnected  

Most digital platforms today are marketplaces. They make everyone compete on price, removing value from each transaction to generate their own profits. The platform controls the flow of money and data, are filled with fake reviews and mystery suppliers. Sellers don’t own their customers and buyers don’t really know who they are buying from.

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Everyone Wins.

Econic aligns with buyers and sellers

Econic puts control in the hands of the seller so they can maximize their value. Sellers determine their price, how they want to get paid and when. And they own their customer data. Econic holds all the risk of the transaction, which can only be made between verified buyers and sellers.

Get a 90-day no cost, no risk trial and see for yourself.

Three reasons why it’s time for Econic 

If you’re a managed service provider, or want to be one, stop losing time, money, and value.  

Gives you control of your payments

You set up the price of whatever service or thing you are selling, how you want to be paid and when, for instance subscriptions, payments, in advance, upon delivery. Econic takes the risk for you, making sure the sale of your asset gets converted to cash in your bank account. There is nothing between you and your customers to devalue your hard work.


Plug and play conversion to digital managed services

It doesn’t matter what it is, once you add the person, service, product, real estate or whatever into your Econic store, it gets converted into a digital asset. That means you can sell anything, on any payment terms, to another business or consumer. This converts any business or skill into digital managed service that can create monthly recurring revenue from bundling services with Econic subscriptions or using your software license to manage your sales channel and payments.


Reduces cost of workforce by transforming to
small businesses

Just like adding a service to your digital store, you can add workforce as well and sell their services to your customers. To change their status and reduce your liabilities, you can offer them the ability to create their own managed service business with Econic. You pay them on invoice, and they can take advantage of the Econic three step business model just like you. Like everything else in Econic, everyone wins when we work together.

Econic was Created for Your Success 

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