The new Hyperlocal sales channel for Certified Econic Partners

Econic Connect redefines the game for our partners and their small business customers.
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More ways to make money as an Econic Partner

Hyperlocal Digital Platform

Earn rev share selling subscriptions

Exclusive Sales Channel

Creates new revenue streams

Intelligent Business Automation

Gain insights with hyperlocal data

Digital Service Business

Automate revenues with Econic software

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The new way to operate your service business

Convert your business from annual contracts billed manually, to automated, predictable revenue based on monthly subscriptions. The Econic Network software creates value for your business with no risk, no investment, and no technical expertise.
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Earn a flat 70% rev share on all your sales during the beta launch period.

Earn Unlimited Revenue

Refresh and transform your business reselling Econic. Bundle with your existing services and earn 70% rev share from software license subscriptions right now. This new, low-cost monthly subscription model creates high value revenue streams from your customers. Your earning potential is in your hands.

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Sell Econic to customers at any business level

Increase the wallet share of your customers, get paid faster and make more money doing what you’ve always done. You can sell software subscription licenses in a tiered model that offers a variety of service and pricing levels. 

Econic Connect delivers services throughout the sales channel

Partners instantly and seamlessly connect with each other to increase revenue and gain access to new commerce opportunities.

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Enterprise businesses can sustainably buy from local businesses.  Local supply chains form to service the enterprise accounts.


Remove the barriers to serving the Enterprise

Econic Plug & Play Managed Services offer:

Offer business growth services

As a Certified Partner you can access easy-to-follow content and training playbooks to boost your customers growth. Bundle as a service with the Econic software for additional revenue opportunities:

Plan your exit strategy today

Create a tech exit valuation for your business.

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