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Digital is too expensive and complicated for small business



businesses fail from lack of cash


High Inflation

is killing margins


$0.40 on the Dollar

gets eaten in digital sales

Improve your customers cashflow and lower their costs in a single platform

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Real Time Performance Management

Econic AI real time data enables small and medium businesses to look at revenue with the same clarity as large enterprises that spend millions of dollars on their systems.

Control your costs to make them predictable
Fix your costs to understand your revenue
Track and audit your money as you execute contracts

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Local Services

  • Skilled Labor
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  • Sales & Marketing
  • Digital Content

Worker Reliant Companies

  • Attract Workforce
  • Retain Workforce
  • Reduce Company Liabilities
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Business Market Fit

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Econic Business Market Fit

Partners help hyperlocal businesses succeed.
Business Market Fit data shows you how.

Identify and reach potential
buyers in your community

Identify your best loyal, repeat buyers

Provide a true understanding of business risks and liabilities

Convert local customers into loyal customers

Identify best-selling products and services to easily scale

Accurate, real-time data provides data-driven business growth


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