Is your business Hyperlocal?
Connect to Make More Money.

Econic Network

The first digital platform built
for Hyperlocal Business success

Easy to use payments, bookkeeping, CRM,
marketing, scheduling and business data.

Big tech forces cost and risks on small business



fail due to lack of cash


High Inflation

is killing margins


$0.40 on the Dollar

eaten by tech on every transaction

They set you up to fail. Econic helps grow your business.

Business Value Protection with Econic

Partners make it their mission to grow the value of local businesses and protect them through an Econic license subscription.

Businesses without Econic keep a fraction of their earnings. That makes it hard to succeed.
With Econic – businesses don’t pay merchant fees and keep 100% of their sale prices.
Together, our merchants and partners make more money. That equals success!

Join Our Beta Partners

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We are looking for Partners who serve customers like these


Local Services

  • Skilled Labor
  • Software & Tech Services
  • Professional Services
  • Home Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Digital Content

Worker Reliant Companies

  • Attract Workforce
  • Retain Workforce
  • Reduce Company Liabilities

Sign up for a No Risk, High Reward Trial Today

Experience the value of Econic Network with a 3-month trial Partner license. You and your customers will quickly see how we stack up against other small business offerings.

Get 90 days to test it out and see the results.
Offer customers a solution with no upfront cost.
 Solve customers business problems at no risk.
 Earn industry leading 70% rev share.

Business Market Fit

Hyper Local | Hyper Connected | Hyper Accurate Data

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Partners help hyperlocal businesses succeed.
Business Market Fit data shows you how.

Identify and reach potential
buyers in your community

Identify your best loyal, repeat buyers

Provide a true understanding of business risks and liabilities

Convert local customers into loyal customers

Identify best-selling products and services to easily scale

Accurate, real-time data provides data-driven business growth


We're so confident of your success, we created the Econic 90-Day Good Greed Challenge. The best performing Econic Partners and their customers win cash prizes.

App available now

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