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Now you can run your entire business from one digital platform.

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Your Business


Now you can run your entire business from one digital platform.

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Create sustainable profits and gain more visibility for your business

Control Your Spend and
Grow Your Revenue

Control Your Spend and Grow Your Revenue

Stop paying for tech platforms you don’t need. Econic Network accelerates your revenue growth and saves you money right away. This is the small business enablement platform that has you covered for one low monthly fee.

We packed all these features into one
intelligent platform for one low monthly fee

Software only solution. No new hardware needed.

Includes Identity first data security and end-to-end encryption.
Your private data will never be sold to third parties.

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Payment Secured By

Small business enablement

Enabling small business success with all the data and intelligent digital services you need in one place, at one low price.

Building Partners businesses

Econic trusted partners serve and support small businesses and earn industry leading rev share reselling Econic subscriptions.

Join the Econic Network for a risk-free trial. Start growing your customer base and revenue at no cost.

After the trial period, you pay a low monthly fee for everything.
No contracts. No additional fees. You own your data.

Do You Serve Small Businesses?

Exiting your business
should reward all your
hard work.

If you’re spending big money implementing other people’s solutions for your business, you don’t own anything. They own you. Econic was created to change that. Stop paying money to people you dont know and start investing in yourself. Econic joint venture partners get a complete solution they own and can exit.

Start planning your exit strategy today

As an Econic joint venture Partner you can create tech exit valuations for your business.

We’ll show you how.