Challenge Faq's

The Good Greed Challenge is a chance for our partners and merchants to create more sustainable businesses and win big.

The Challenge is a 90-day trial of the Econic Beta software that has one Partner winner and three Merchant winners. The aim of the trial is to show partners and merchants how the Econic Network software generates sustainable revenue without increasing financial risk or debt.

The Challenge is open to validly registered partners and merchants of Econic Network who are legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia and signed up for the challenge at For full terms, click here.

The Challenge will last 90 days. It starts December 1st, 2022 and concludes December 31, 2022

Partners: The Challenge rewards the partner that created the most sustainable revenue in their network.
Merchants:  The Challenge rewards the merchants that earn the most sustainable revenue from loyal customers in the Econic platform.

The Partner Sustainability Award is $10,000. 
Three Merchant Sustainability Awards are:
first prize of $5K 
second prize of $3K 
third prize of $2K 

The leaderboard will be published and updated on a regular basis and accessed at

Participants will be notified of their progress from time to time. The top performing participants will be displayed in the leaderboard.